About Us


Larry ProstickI am Larry Prostick, owner and operator of ProStick Productions. I founded my company on the idea of providing superior RFP Support Services, Web Development and Graphic Design Services to small businesses that may not have a professional staff of proposal writers, graphic designers or web designers on staff.

As a small business, you may not have these resources available to you in-house, but you might still have to compete with businesses that do. This is where I can give you an advantage.

So simply put...

I help Small Businesses compete
with the Big Dogs in their industry.

Whether you need RFP support services, a web site designed or redesigned or custom visuals designed for a trade show, I pride myself in giving my clients excellent personal service and responsiveness.

More Information Than You Might Want...

To borrow a quote from the movie "Arthur" from back in the '70's - I play drums, I fly hang gliders, and I design really cool stuff, BUT I have weekends off!

I have been living in Nashville, Tennessee since 1991, playing drums for various artists and as a freelance musician. I have also been playing drums for the Christ Church Choir in Nashville for over 15 years. You can find out more information about Christ Church (and watch our LIVE web cast on Sundays) here - www.christchurchnashville.org.

Hang glidingWhen I am not working (and considering how much I love what I do, one could hardly call it "work"!) I am hang gliding in north Georgia and Southern Tennessee in the Sequatchie Valley. Believe me, once you've experienced free, unpowered flight, everything else just seems two-dimentional. I've been flying for about 5 years and I've had the great experience of flying with some of the top pilots in the Country. Ask me about this anytime, I can talk about flying all day! Also, if you've ever wanted to try it yourself let me know.